Bob Bruu

Bob Bruu

Bob Bruu is a wood artist specializing in hyperrealist sculptures of hats, shoes and clothing. With both his father and grandfather as artists, Bruu was exposed to art from a very early age and grew up. He was encouraged to explore his creativity through art and grew up with a pencil, paintbrush, or marker always in hand.

His journey as a carver began with an affinity for duck decoys in the 1980s. After attending a duck decoy show in high school, Bruu found a community of experienced traditional woodcarvers who gave him the foundation he needed to begin his career as an artist.

Bruu has now been carving wood for over 25 years. He works out of a refurbished 100-year-old barn in the historic downtown district of McKinney, TX. His work is shown in various galleries in the Southwest and included in several publications, including Masters of Contemporary Wood Art.

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