The Chauvet Arts internship program is designed to introduce participants to the inner workings of an art gallery.  Interns gain a valuable understanding of what happens behind the scenes of exhibitions, art crawls, special events and every day gallery life.  

Successful candidates may arrange academic credit through their colleges and universities. Students will work under the guidance of Chauvet Arts staff and the cooperating educator from their college or university. 

Majors in art history, arts management, business, communications, marketing, graphic design and/or related areas of study are desired.

Internships are offered during the school year, coinciding with the fall semester, spring semester, and summer break. Internship projects are based on Chauvet Art needs and requirements as well as applicants’ skills and interests. This program is ideal for students looking to gain experience and knowledge of the art world and inner workings of an art gallery. 

Hours vary and are flexible, but a minimum of  3 days (12 hours) per week is generally expected. 
Students should be available during Chauvet Arts gallery hours: 10:00 a.m.– 5:00 p.m. Tuesday–Saturday.


Required Commitment: 12 hours/week minimum

Stipend: No stipends are available but may arrange academic credit through colleges and universities.

Eligibility: Any student currently enrolled in a College or University and/or an individual looking to gain more experience in the art gallery business. 

application process

To be considered for an internship, please click the link below.

2022 Spring Gallery Internship Application

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