Afterimage: Sensations of Color

Beginning March 6th, CHAUVET Arts will present “Afterimage: Sensations of Color,” a group show celebrating the lasting impressions artists create through color. Named after the optical illusion in which an image lingers even after the viewer has looked away, “Afterimage” encourages viewers to explore their individual responses to a variety of vibrant artworks and the mental and emotional afterimages they produce.

“The purpose of this exhibition is to create an experience for our visitors that extends beyond what they see in front of them,” says Jorge Arrieta, owner and director of CHAUVET Arts. "We want to use color to ignite an enjoyable response that preserves the art in the viewer’s mind. It’s also a great way to bring color into the colder months and breathe some life and optimism into 2021.”

CHAUVET Arts is excited to feature an array of new artists in the upcoming exhibition including Corinne Cascioppo, Nicole Dikon, Carlos Gamez de Francisco, Gina Julian, Michael Soltis and Tom White along with several newly-acquired pieces by renowned artist Brother Mel Meyer and local artist Brenna Therese.


opening Event: april 3rd | 4:00 - 7:00 pm

YOU'RE INVITED the opening celebration of our new exhibition "Afterimage: Sensations of Color," with live painting by featured artist Carlos Gamez de Francisco. Guests are invited to enjoy a complimentary glass of wine while viewing a distinctive collection of works of various media. Additionally, painter and photographer Carlos Gamez de Francisco will offer guests an exclusive view into his artistic process with a live-painting demonstration.  

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