Step into a world where the ordinary transforms into the extraordinary, and the curious becomes the captivating. Chauvet Arts presents 'Curio Unveiled: Where Art Meets Curiosity,' a one-of-a-kind art exhibition where curiosity takes the center stage, guiding you through an eclectic mix of art that transcends boundaries.


We invite you to find beauty in the unexpected through the eyes and hands of our local and regional artists. With a rich tapestry of styles, stories, and character, we celebrate the diverse array of artistry that defines our world. From abstraction to folk art, from contemporary to digital, each piece is a unique curio, a treasure waiting to be discovered.


Our gallery is a modern-day cabinet of curiosities, where sculptures, photography, and multimedia installations reveal the magic of art. Just as curio collectors of old prized the unusual, we invite you to discover the extraordinary in every stroke, every pixel, and every shape.


'Curio Unveiled' is not your typical exhibition; it's a journey into the enchanting and the unexpected. Join us on this artistic odyssey, where curiosity is the compass and every piece is a door to imagination. At Chauvet Arts, we're not just showcasing curiosities; we're revealing the artistry within them. Welcome to a world where each creation tells a story, and every visit is an adventure.


CHAUVET Arts | 215 Rep. John Lewis Way N | Nashville, TN 37219 | Art@ChauvetArts.com | 615. 278. 9086

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