“Americana Sunshine” invites you to revel in the joyous spirit of summer. The exhibition pays homage to a few of the iconic symbols and imagery that have become synonymous with American popular culture. From vintage neon signs, to cars and guitars, the exhibition captures the essence of carefree and vibrant moments in time. 


“This art exhibition is a tribute to the carefree days of summer, says director Jorge Arrieta. “All of the fun things like sunny days, playing in the lake, the smell of a neighbor’s grill, live music, fireworks, are simple experiences we have to be grateful. 


"The artwork showcases a range of mediums, including paintings, sculptures, and photography, each telling a unique story that resonates with the theme of Americana. From vibrant energy to timeless nostalgia, iconic symbols to everyday objects, this collection reflects the diverse tapestry of the American identity.


“Americana Sunshine” features seasoned artists as well as emerging talents, ensuring a fresh and engaging experience. Visitors will encounter works by new Chauvet artists Steve Buduo, Robert Felker, Tim Hooper, Chris McAdoo and John Sharp. Also in the show are gallery veterans Mark Jackson, Charles Keiger, Daryl Thetford and introducing Brandon Jones. 


"Rediscover the magic of these moments that the American summer can evoke at Chauvet Arts. “ And then get outside and have some fun,” says Arrieta. “And relax when you can, it's summer after all.” The gallery is open Mondays - Saturdays from10:00am - 5:00pm, we hope to see you there!


CHAUVET Arts | 215 Rep. John Lewis Way N | Nashville, TN 37219 | Art@ChauvetArts.com | 615. 278. 9086

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