Carlos Gamez de Francisco

Oh Dear!
Watercolor on Paper (Framed)
51 x 39 in
$4,600 or $460 per month with Art Money Artwork Size: 41 x 29.5 in "Oh Dear!" is a watercolor-on-paper painting by Cuban artist Carlos Gamez de Francisco. As in the rest of his portrait series, Francisco continues to challenge and reimagine traditional forms of portraiture. In this piece, Francisco depicts a fawn's head on a woman's body dressed in a lavish 17th-century violet gown. It is the first painting in the artist's "Oh Dear" series. He evolved the series to include acrylic portraits of female subjects from behind, wearing intricate 17th and 18th-century gowns and deer antlers protruding from their heads. Francisco uses the antlers to symbolize growth and regeneration since deer grow and shed their antlers annually. He was also inspired by the deer as a symbol of spiritual authority. Francisco also includes several large insects throughout the piece. Insects flying up represent freedom, insects flying down or falling represent chaos, and insects at rest represent balance between the two.

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