Jorge Yances

Un Minuto de Silencio
Oil on Canvas
40 x 30 in
"Un Minuto de Silencio" is an oil-on-canvas painting by Colombian artist Jorge Yances from his "Inside the Walls" series. In this series, Yances reflects the Latin literary tradition of magical realism by blending fantasy and reality. Inspired by the buildings in his native Cartagena, Yances creates settings in which the past presents itself as "old friends," both physically present within the reality of the room depicted in portraits and symbolically present, shown as if emerging from the walls. Yances uses the form of a woman to portray the beauty, power, sensuality, and suffering embedded within each setting. Throughout this series, each artistic step in the journey changes and expands the narrative. By moving deeper and deeper into the collective consciousness of the city, the viewer brings a very personal translation to the narrative.

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