Stacy Widelitz

Stacy Widelitz

Stacy Widelitz started composing professionally at nineteen, but came to prominence with the song "She's Like the Wind," co-written with Patrick Swayze and featured in Swayze's blockbuster Dirty Dancing.  Featured on the movie's wildly successful soundtrack, it reached no. 3 on Billboard's top-40 chart (no. 1 among adult-contemporary radio listeners). He received two BMI awards for the tune as among the most-performed songs of that year, as well as a 4-million airplay award from BMI in 2009. He has scored features, more than twenty made-for-TV movies, written the end-title song for Disney’s Pocahontas II, has received four Gold Addies for music he composed for advertising, and was nominated for an Emmy for ABC's World of Discovery. Widelitz scored and composed much of the dance music for the film One Last Dance, which garnered him a Best Music Award at the Nashville Film Festival.

Widelitz was always an avid travel photographer - buildings, landscapes, historical sites, the usual. But in the fall of 2015, he bought a new, higher quality camera for a trip to Tuscany. On this trip, Widelitz became fascinated with the faces he encountered on the streets and in the cafés, and started photographing them in black and white. Always a fan of film noir, as well as classic B&W street photography, he discovered that those influences were coming out in the photos he was taking. He was surprised that he seemed to be able to capture an emotional moment with his camera, but realized that he had spent his whole life capturing emotional moments through music. Widelitz decided that this type of photography was another important form of expression for him, and, with the encouragement of some respected professionals in the field, continued on subsequent trips to Havana, Washington, DC, New Orleans, and Tuscany again in 2018. He is now focusing on his hometown of Nashville.

Widelitz is currently the board president of Nashville Opera, past president of Leadership Music, and is a Commissioner in the City of Oak Hill.


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