Stacy Widelitz

Stacy Widelitz


As both a musician and photographer, Stacy Widelitz strives for the same level of emotional expression in his photographs as he does in his music.

He began his career as a composer at the age of 19 and rose to prominence when he co-wrote “She’s Like the Wind” with Patrick Swayze for his 1987 blockbuster Dirty Dancing.

With a long and successful career as a musician and composer under his belt, Stacy Widelitz found photography naturally. As an avid traveler, he always took pleasure in capturing the beauty of the landscapes, architecture, and historical sites he encountered. However, during a 2015 trip to Tuscany, Widelitz’s hobby became a passion. He found himself fascinated by the everyday beauty of Tuscan culture and began photographing locals strolling along the streets or sitting in cafes.

Inspired by film noir and classic black and white street photography, Widelitz began to focus on capturing the depth of emotion in each of his subjects.

He continued to follow his newfound passion to a variety of new places including Havana, Washington D.C, New Orleans, and again to Tuscany. He now focuses on capturing the vibrant culture of his native Nashville.

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