Duer is a visual artist focused on creating narrative pieces of art meant to celebrate love, and to empower and encourage women through her fierce yet feminine style.


Her work as an artist began as a child. Her grandmother worked in a marker factory and gave her all of the rejects that the factory was unable to sell. Danielle began using the markers to create safe, imaginary worlds to escape to when real life felt too scary. She filled canvases with colorful, bold patterns to symbolize strength and layered the large shapes with white, dainty details to symbolize compassion. Throughout a very difficult childhood, her art became her way to control life, to have a voice and to share herself safely.


As she got older, she wrongly believed that she would never be taken seriously as a real artist using only markers, so she taught herself to paint. She was inspired by the powerful images in fashion magazines - the ones with the soldier-like women facing forward with expressionless faces and giant red lips. As she began to portray her version of strong women onto canvas, she didn’t see herself in this new style until she added her familiar layers of inks, patterns and details.


Over the following two decades, the artist found that her work resonated with others. Women especially were buying her art as a symbol of courage and commissioning her to tell their own stories. She was determined that she could make a living as a full-time artist.

Today, Danielle’s work can be found on home furnishings, throughout commercial and residential interior design projects, on textiles, products and in homes of special patrons and clients all over the world. Her message of strength and love are evident in every project.


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