Portraits at Pinnacle Financial Partners, 425 11th Ave N | Nashville, TN

During Small Business Week we celebrate the beating heart of our communities — the local businesses that infuse our streets with character and vitality. Portraits @ Pinnacle offers a unique exploration into the world of imaginative portraiture!

Step into a realm where creativity knows no bounds as artists unveil a collection of captivating portraits crafted from their boundless imagination. Here are just a few of the favorites chosen by the Pinnacle Team!

Daryl Thetford, Urban Woman II, Mixed Media Collage (Framed), 37 x 26 x 2 in, $1,500

Each portrait is a window into a world of endless possibilities, where faces come to life with vivid colors, dynamic brushstrokes, and whimsical details. While these subjects may be figments of the artist's imagination, their charm and allure invite viewers to embark on a journey of wonder and discovery.

Jorge Yances


Mixed Media on Canvas

31.5 x 31.5 in


Danielle Duer

Inspired (1/10)

Embellished Print on Canvas

30 x 30 in


Join us as we celebrate the artistry and creativity that fuel the spirit of Small Business Week, showcasing the power of imagination to inspire and delight by visiting Pinnacle Financial Partners at 425 11th Avenue North, Nashville TN. 

Carlos Gamez de Francisco, Moonlight, Watercolor on Paper (Framed), 25 x 21 in, $1,900

Tim Hooper

New York Artist

Acrylic on Canvas

8 x 10 in


James Threalkill


Acrylic on Canvas

30 x 24 in


CHAUVET Arts | 215 Rep. John Lewis Way N | Nashville, TN 37219 | Art@ChauvetArts.com | 615. 278. 9086

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