In a world that is increasingly digitized and globalized, we are constantly bombarded with information and images and connected to streams of news, updates, and notifications that can create a sense of stress or disorientation. “But because we are unable to take in the whole picture at once, we are forced to view the world in fragments, creating a sense of disarray and heightened anxiety and confusion,” writes artist Daryl Thetford. 


In response to this overwhelming digital landscape, some artists are creating works that reflect this change and offer a different way of seeing the world.  “Urban Art and Neo Pop from the American South” offers a unique perspective on our modern life and showcases how this new world is reflected in art. Both styles of art feature bright colors and bold patterns, reflecting the chaotic nature of our lives. “The nature of chaos inspires my work,” said Daryl. “Collage provides a means to reflect and express the tensions between our fragmented struggle for understanding and simultaneously articulate the beauty that can emerge from disorder.” 


Join us for our exhibition featuring artwork by leading artist Daryl Thetford, Nashville native Erick Watson, the experienced Mark Jackson, and introducing Jason Adams. These artists use elements from pop culture to create new narratives that comment on contemporary issues like consumerism, addiction, mental health, and social media saturation. By re-imagining familiar images in unexpected ways, these artists invite us to see the world with fresh eyes - even if just for a moment - and consider our place within it.



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