Steven Buduo is a contemporary sculptor from Worcester, MA. Primarily working in steel and concrete, his practice is an examination into the convergence of space, structure, and gravity. 


He has installed permanent and temporary sculptures in public and private collections across the U.S., and he currently lives and works in St. Louis, MO."


My work deals with the underlying rationale of our built environment. Building is regulated by necessity and functional longevity; the spirit of the builder however, is born out of humility. It proceeds from a respect for gravity, attention to proportions and scale, and knowledge of time-honored principles. This inherent ethos determines the final form of the structures we build, and the spaces we inhabit, more than advancements of new materials or changes in technological data."

"Through my sculpture, I use my own method of construction to rediscover this ethos. Each work exists as an exercise of architectural chemistry. Gothic churches, Japanese domestic spaces, and interstate roadways serve as sources of inspiration. They present elements of construction that become a code in which I can break apart, reorder, and sometimes defy, all in an attempt to understand our built world in its totality."


Mixed Media on Canvas

 50 x 50 x 1.50 in 


I hate It Here

Mixed Media on Canvas

50 x 54 x 1.50 in


The foundation he is affiliated with, Jones Legacy Group, is passionate about partnering with various non-profit organizations. One of his favorite non-profits to work with is Ancora. Ancora helps combat human trafficking and sex slavery and also helps rehabilitate survivors. Another organization he is closely affiliated with, Crossbridge, helps individuals who have just gotten out of prison and who may be  recovering from drug addiction, restart their lives and get the counseling and proper care that they need.

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